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Why Choose Galatia
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Galatia puts muscle into corporate websites. We translate your company's services into your customer's browser window. We reduce or eliminate the time your staff spends on repetitive tasks. We web-enable your company to be available to customers 24/7. For example:

  • You make home loans. Right now, your website has a list of mortgate rates and loan programs. If a customer wants to know how much their payments would be under each program, your staff must calculate each amount; this could be a very long phone call.

    Galatia web solution: Your customers can enter their desired loan and rate amount, and find out the monthly payment — with one click of their mouse, any time of day or night.
  • You want your website to display your company's current stock price, updated every 15 minutes. Right now, a staff member has to obtain the price and manually update your website each time.

    Galatia web solution: We can write a program to get the data and automatically update your website every 15 minutes or every 15 seconds, whatever you want.
  • You sell widgets. Right now, your customers have to calculate their order total, add shipping, calculate the sales tax, and then send you the payment.

    Galatia web solution: Your customers can check the items they want, press "Enter" to have the browser window calculate the total amount, and pay on-line on a secure server. The next time they order from you, the browser window can remember their information.
  • You conduct user satisfaction surveys. Right now, users complete a paper survey, and your staff has to tally the totals and produce a report.

    Galatia web solution: Your users can complete a survey on-line, and your staff can read the automatically-generated reports.

Galatia is committed to customer service. Our programs work, our links work, our servers are reliable, and our staff won't rest until you're happy.

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