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As of December 24, 2009, Galatia Web Services, Inc. is no longer accepting new client work. Many thanks to all those clients, partners, employees, and friends who have supported us over the past several years. It's been a pleasure working with you!

What does Galatia do?

Galatia builds custom interactive database-driven web applications that build your business. Take a virtual tour of a few of our projects:

  • On-line mortgage application
    Go on a virtual tour of the Loan Tracker System. Read what Mortgage Mart says about Galatia's work in building their web-based one-stop shop for a home loan.
  • Galaxy: a single database for multiple uses
    See this virtual tour of the Galaxy Course Management System for universities.
  • Website re-designs
    Witness the flexibility and creativity of our designs. Take a look!

We're also known for our outstanding customer service. Galatia will never leave you stranded.

How do we make our clients happy?

Galatia believes in great customer service. We deliver quality work, and we help you achieve reliable and quantifiable results.

Come to Galatia Web Services for website redesign, web application development, and long-term support.
Galatia has been a proud sponsor of KTEH
and the Speaking of Women's Health Conference.

Galatia Web Services, Inc.

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