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Galatia: About Our Name


Pronunciation: gull-AY-shah

[from Greek, =Gaul], an ancient territory of central Asia Minor, later a Roman province; located in what is now Turkey, around modern Ankara. It took its name from the Gauls (Galatians), a Celtic people who invaded from the west and conquered it in the third century B.C.

So why are we named Galatia?

We wanted a unique name to represent our unique and outstanding services.

More about our company's name

Galatia is actually the company's third name since being founded in 1995. Our first name was WebBuilders, but our founders, Barry and Linda Holroyd, felt that the name sounded too technical.

Our second name was Webscape Designs, which provided a broader, more general image for the company. However, because a "larger player in the internet world" objected to a portion of our name and we didn't want to donate lots of money to lawyers, we had a naming party to brainstorm for our third company name.

With the assistance of various reference books (and red wine and many beers), we brainstormed. Eventually, Melody McLaren (Galatia staffer #5) proposed Galatia, the name of her father's home town in Illinois. Everyone liked the sound of it: simultaneously invoking futuristic images and a solid link to the past. We then performed trademark searches, which showed no reference to another business named Galatia.

Galatia . . . the name almost rhymes with "palatial," and doesn't that make you think of grand things?

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